Polish Spray 3 in 1 High Protection Quick Car Coating Spray, Car Wax Polish Spray, Pack of 1 Vehicle Interior Cleaner (250 ml)



Introducing our 3-in-1 Quick Coating Spray, a game-changer in the world of automotive care. This revolutionary product combines three essential functions into a single, easy-to-use formula, providing an all-in-one solution for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. First and foremost, our Quick Coating Spray acts as a powerful cleaner, effectively removing dirt, grime, and road residue from the surface of your vehicle. Its advanced formula penetrates deep into the pores, lifting away contaminants and leaving behind a clean and pristine finish. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a refreshed and gleaming vehicle. But that’s not all. Our Quick Coating Spray also serves as a protective shield, guarding your vehicle against harmful elements. The unique blend of polymers and sealants creates a durable barrier that shields your paintwork from UV rays, oxidation, fading, and environmental pollutants. Rest assured that your vehicle’s exterior is well-protected, maintaining its showroom shine for longer periods. Additionally, our 3-in-1 Quick Coating Spray enhances the visual appeal of your car with its cutting-edge gloss-enhancing properties. The specially formulated ingredients create a deep, reflective shine that accentuates the natural color and depth of your vehicle’s paint. Experience a head-turning finish that catches the light and captivates onlookers wherever you go. Using our Quick Coating Spray is a breeze. Simply spray the product onto the desired surface and spread it evenly with a microfiber cloth or applicator pad. Its fast-drying formula ensures a hassle-free application without streaks or residue. Whether you’re a detailing enthusiast or a professional, you’ll appreciate the ease and efficiency of our 3-in-1 solution. Rest assured, our Quick Coating Spray is crafted with care and attention to detail. It is formulated to be safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats, metal, glass, and plastic trims. Its non-abrasive nature ensures that your vehicle’s surfaces remain intact and unharmed. Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of our 3-in-1 Quick Coating Spray. Elevate your car care routine and achieve professional-grade results without the complexity. With its cleaning, protecting, and gloss-enhancing properties, this product is a must-have for any car lover seeking an all-inclusive solution to keep their vehicle in pristine condition. Transform the way you care for your car and experience the brilliance of our Quick Coating Spray today.

  • 250 ml
Model Name
  • Polish Spray
  • Apple
Usage Instructions
  • Prepare: Wash and dry your car thoroughly in a shaded area.Clean: Wipe down the surface with isopropyl alcohol.Apply: Put on gloves. Shake the spray, apply to an applicator pad, and work on a small section.Spread: Apply thin, even strokes. Let it sit for recommended time.Buff: Gently buff with a dry microfiber towel until smooth and clear.Cure: Follow recommended curing time.Layers (if needed): Apply more layers as instructed, waiting between each.Inspect: Check for uniform coverage and touch up missed spots.Finish: Dispose of towels properly and store spray as directed.
Container Type
  • Bottle
Suitable For
  • Automobiles, Car, Bike, Truck, Boat
Net Quantity
  • 250 ml


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